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Wood and Steel Clock Model Horus Marco

The HORUS wooden watch, together with EIRAS and KOSA, belongs to the MARCO Collection and is made up of wood and steel, a perfect and rare combination of materials.

The choice of your Outfits

An easy and simple way to elevate your style is by adding different textures to your outfits. This is possible thanks to the fact that these three MARCO Series watches are made of wood, a completely different material from what you are used to when it comes to watches. Another aspect that also makes this model unique is that these watches are fully assembled by hand.

Sandalwood's adaptability

What makes these watches special is that the wood used comes from sandalwood, which has the ability to change color from one piece to another. This is because this wood has the ability to change depending on the environment where you are and the amount of sun you expose it to. For example, if you are in an indoor environment, it has a lighter color. However, as soon as you go outside and the watch comes into contact with the sun, the darker its color becomes.

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